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Confirmed Satan Worship at the Grammy's

Updated: Feb 18

CBS Openly Admits Goal with Message to Artist Before Satanic Performance - It Confirmed "Satan" Worship goes Prime-Time Music Awards on CBS! 

Yes, it's true once again the mainstream music industry's Grammy  Awards Ceremony 2024 was loaded with blatant imagery of the dark side of spirituality." The devil specifically being featured individually.

Imagine the folks behind this latest public display of brazen Satanic worship becoming the "majority rules" in your neighborhood. Where the voice of Devilry is the majority rules. With the younger generations their primary commercial target market... For spending the most on music. Great influence on your kids if your a parent. Like it or not.

It's No Secret - The music industry powers-that-be behind the Grammys are Satan worshippers. If you didn't know that already.

It's become a constant now. They always do it. Featuring dark demonic-looking sets with hell-inspired dance and choreography directed specifically to the Devil. Not Jesus, not Buddha, not some other spirit being, idol or power. No. It is nothing less than: A musical blood sacrifice ritual to the featured dark artist's latest dark song release directed to Satan himself.

Yikes Almighty!

Find out more about this music industry majority rules check out this Western link! 

See also this Satanic related article on recent political actions:

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